American Apple Pie

When I first started to bake, pie was one of my first choices.  I figured that it was easy and it didn’t need a lot of ingredients, what can go wrong?  And even if it did go wrong, I didn’t really waste a whole lot of ingredients.  Well…..little did I know, a lot of things can go wrong and it did.  In my opinion, pies are harder to make than a lot of baked goods out there.  My first attempt, the pie crust was raw.  My second attempt, I actually went to the grocery store and used a store bought pie shell weighed it down with pie weights, prebaked it before stuffing the apples and finishing it off with the top crust.   With everything done the right way (I thought) nothing could possible go wrong.  Well, my second attempt had a burnt bottom crust and a raw center.

I eventually lost all hope and interest to think that I would ever bake an average apple pie.  I went on to baking other things, with the thought in the back of my mind, pie is a very intimidating thing for me.  After many attempts of recipes and talking to many people, is then, when I realized that it was not so much the ingredients, but it was more so the technique.  Cold butter is certainly a must, but working on the dough too long would make the dough chewy.  With many attempts of trial of error.  I finally came up with this final product.

A warm apple pie with a scoop of ice cream.  In my opinion, anything complimented with ice cream is hard to turn down.

Apple Pie Slice 2